A review of the book the x factor getting extraordinary results from ordinary people by ross r reck

The United States is piling up foreign debt and losing export capacity, and the growing trade deficit with China has been a prime contributor to the crisis in U.

A review of the book the x factor getting extraordinary results from ordinary people by ross r reck

For readers who have come to see Consortiumnews as a daily news source, I would like to extend my personal apology for our spotty production in recent days.

On Christmas Eve, I suffered a stroke that has affected my eyesight especially my reading and thus my writing although apparently not much else. The doctors have also been working to figure out exactly what happened since I have never had high blood pressure, I never smoked, and my recent physical found nothing out of the ordinary.

Journalist Robert Parry Perhaps, too, the unrelenting ugliness that has become Official Washington and national journalism was a factor. It seems that since I arrived in Washington in as a correspondent for The Associated Press, the nastiness of American democracy and journalism has gone from bad to worse.

A review of the book the x factor getting extraordinary results from ordinary people by ross r reck

Increasingly, America — even at the apex of its uni-power status — was taking on the look of a banana republic except with much higher stakes for the world. The point of Consortiumnews, which I founded inwas to use the new medium of the modern Internet to allow the old principles of journalism to have a new home, i.

But we were just a tiny pebble in the ocean.

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The trend of using journalism as just another front in no-holds-barred political warfare continued — with Democrats and liberals adapting to the successful techniques pioneered mostly by Republicans and by well-heeled conservatives. Facts and logic no longer mattered.

It was a case of using whatever you had to diminish and destroy your opponent. We saw similar patterns with the U.

More and more I would encounter policymakers, activists and, yes, journalists who cared less about a careful evaluation of the facts and logic and more about achieving a pre-ordained geopolitical result — and this loss of objective standards reached deeply into the most prestigious halls of American media.

This perversion of principles — twisting information to fit a desired conclusion — became the modus vivendi of American politics and journalism. And those of us who insisted on defending the journalistic principles of skepticism and evenhandedness were increasingly shunned by our colleagues, a hostility that first emerged on the Right and among neoconservatives but eventually sucked in the progressive world as well.

The anti-Assad group think is so intense in the West that even strong evidence of staged eventssuch as the first patients arriving at hospitals before government planes could have delivered the sarin, was brushed aside or ignored.

The demonization of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia is just the most dangerous feature of this propaganda process — and this is where the neocons and the liberal interventionists most significantly come together.

For instance, the full story of the infamous Magnitsky case cannot be told in the West, nor can the objective reality of the Ukrane coup in Some people saw my insistence on the same journalistic standards that I had always employed somehow a betrayal.

Other people, including senior editors across the mainstream media, began to treat the unproven Russia-gate allegations as flat fact.

A review of the book the x factor getting extraordinary results from ordinary people by ross r reck

No skepticism was tolerated and mentioning the obvious bias among the never-Trumpers inside the FBI, Justice Department and intelligence community was decried as an attack on the integrity of the U. Hatred of Trump had become like some invasion of the body snatchers — or perhaps many of my journalistic colleagues had never believed in the principles of journalism that I had embraced throughout my adult life.

I actually believed that the point of journalism in a democracy was to give the voters unbiased information and the necessary context so the voters could make up their own minds and use their ballot — as imperfect as that is — to direct the politicians to take actions on behalf of the nation.

The unpleasant reality that the past year has brought home to me is that a shockingly small number of people in Official Washington and the mainstream news media actually believe in real democracy or the goal of an informed electorate.

Instead of information provided evenhandedly to the public, it is rationed out in morsels designed to elicit the desired emotional reactions and achieve a political outcome.An Apology and Explanation. December 31, You can buy his latest book, When people get old they start having medical issues unfortunately.

I hope you do what you feel comfortable doing. Education competencies: Developing others.

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Review the common practices of effective supervision. Encourage others to take refresher or preparatory courses. Communicate and be supportive. Reck, Ross yunusemremert.com X-Factor: Getting Extraordinary Results From Ordinary People.

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Review the common practices of effective supervision. Take a course designed to offer feedback, such as how to develop negotiating skills or influence people. Reck, Ross yunusemremert.com X-Factor: Getting Extraordinary Results from Ordinary People.

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