An analysis of the movie a civil action and the goals of the corporations for the profit achievement

Jan Schlichtmann John Travoltaa cocky and successful Boston attorney who zips around town in his Porscheand his small firm of personal injury lawyers are asked by Woburn resident Anne Anderson Kathleen Quinlan to take legal action against those responsible. After originally rejecting a seemingly unprofitable case, Jan finds a major environmental issue involving groundwater contamination that has great legal potential and a couple of defendants with deep pockets. The local tanneries could be responsible for several deadly cases of leukemia, but also are the main employers for the area.

An analysis of the movie a civil action and the goals of the corporations for the profit achievement

The movie displays a civil trial procedure in a US court. Jan Schlichtmann John Travolta is the lead attorney that files lawsuit against the huge corporations.

Pleadings The people of Woburn, Massachusetts formally made complaints regarding the wrongful deaths of the children of many families in the town.

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Many have died young and it is believed to be because of the water supply of the town. Woburn residents have been very suspicious of the water following the growth of industry in their town. The complaints are for Beatrice Foods and W.

Cheeseman is the attorney on behalf of W. Facher the attorney on behalf of Beatrice Foods.

An analysis of the movie a civil action and the goals of the corporations for the profit achievement

The judge had ruled otherwise because he felt that that rule in a lawsuit was outdated and no longer relevant. Methods of Discovery Methods of discovery began with the deposition of witnesses by the attorneys.

The witnesses consisted of the family members of the victims, people of the town of Woburn, and workers of the plant in the town that is alleged to have involvement in the mistreatment of the water.

An analysis of the movie a civil action and the goals of the corporations for the profit achievement

A factory worker stated that he saw that the waste of the plant had been dumped into the water. He later went on to say to the attorneys that his family has had an abnormal medical history believing that it has a correlation to the contaminated water.

More witnesses came forth and stated what had happened to them in their own rendition of the events. Pretrial Hearings Both legal teams scheduled a meeting in order to seek an agreement between both parties so that they do not have to go to court.

An out-of-court settlement is much easier for attorneys to do and it costs less for the corporations that are being brought to court. Discussions between attorneys and judge regarding the case and the laws surrounding the case took place.

Pretrial hearings in this case were held in order to discuss the legal concepts and the the way the trial should play out. Opening Statements Every legal team involved in the lawsuit made their case to the jury through their opening statements.

Both defenses stated that they had no involvement in the unfortunate deaths of the children of Woburn. The deaths of the children have no correlation to water mistreatment by the corporations is essentially stated by the defense attorneys.

Cross Examinations The trial following the introduction of evidence moves on to the cross examinations of witnesses involved in the case. An objection must always be excessively used in order to stop your opponent from having a good argument.

By having your argument interrupted by constant objections and pauses, it lacks power and makes the argument seem weak. Facher says this is a forbidden question because a lawyer never knows how a witness will respond to that question.Profit maximization proponents maintain that.

if unethical corporate conduct creates enough public outrage, the law will change to prohibit such conduct. if a managers pursue goals other than profit maximization, society's total wealth will be reduced.

business managers should maximize a business's long-run profits within the limits of the law.

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Government action will be upheld as long as it has a reasonable relationship to the achievement of a legitimate government purpose is test of: strict scrutiny analysis. rational basis analysis. Particularly compelling are sequences in which she identifies some of the most noxious corporations and/or organizations (Correction Corporation of America, National Correction Industries Association, American Legislation Exchange Council) that profit from and depend upon the rounding up of as many able-bodied men as possible.

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Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. action plans D) situation analysis E) corporate culture.

B) marketing metrics A film company has a high market share in the children's film market. The children's film market has low growth potential. An Analysis of A Civil Action A Civil Action is a movie based on a real life case that took place several years ago.

Several families of Woburn, a small town, were alleging that chemicals spilled by local plants had contaminated their drinking water.4/4(1). A Civil Action - Movie Words | 10 Pages A Civil Action The movie A Civil Action is focused on describing and explaining what really goes on in a court of law.

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