An assessment internet behaviors essay

In the course of tracking down the sources of unlicensed distribution, they found many things, including the copying of his column to alt.

An assessment internet behaviors essay

Open in a separate window 4. His first five stages are employed here to elaborate the underlying moral reasoning of prosocial and antisocial Internet use. According to Kohlberg [ 31 ], very few people reach Stage 6 which is a stage of Universal Ethical Principles. This stage will not be discussed here.

For details of Stage 6, see Kohlberg [ 3031 ]. Heteronomous Morality and Obedience to Authority People at this stage obey blindly what the authorities command in order to avoid punishment. In order words, if the adult does not allow them to use the Internet to bully others or to cheat others, then the children would think that it is not right to do so in the Internet.

Individualism, Instrumental Purpose and Exchange People at this stage tend to act in their own self-interests. If you hurt me in the cyber world, I would get revenge.

Alternatively, if you do me a favor in the cyber world, I would also do you a favor. The elaboration of individualism and instrumental purposes can be performed from the antisocial perspective.

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Children at this stage tend to take care of their personal interests and ignore other's interests. They are egocentric and do not play fairly and equally. They would cheat intentionally so long as they are not being caught. In the cyber world, a lot of misbehaviors and illegal activities are being conducted because the actors think that their identity is securely hid and may not be easily caught by the authority.

In An assessment internet behaviors essay to Stage 1 which places emphasis on obedience to authority in order to avoid punishment, this stage emphasizes on protecting one's personal interests by intentional cheating, unfair play, and acting illegally or unfairly without being caught by the authority.

They would do anything to hurt others e. The moral motivation underlying Stage 1 is blind obedience to authority but that underlying this stage is quite Machiavellian, that is, getting what you want by all means, including those illegal or improper means.

The good life is the easy life with lots of money and nice things" [ 32page 17]. The idea is that one should try to get a lot just by paying little or no effort. Generally speaking, people at this stage claim as much rights as they can but tend to bear as little responsibilities as possible.

In other words, they act or survive by the principle of opportunistic hedonism. Mutual Interpersonal Expectations, Relationships, and Interpersonal Conformity This is a stage of good-boy-nice-girl orientation.

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People at this stage would live up to what is expected by members of your primary group e. People in the cyber world also form a group or gang with common interests.

An assessment internet behaviors essay

They would be altruistic to their group members and would be willing to make sacrifices for their group members. On the other hand, they are less willing to help nongroup members in the same situation.

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Social System and Conscience The main concern is to uphold the social law and to carry out one's duty to maintain the social order.

For example, illegal downloading, infringement of other people's copyrights, illegal online gambling and cyberbullying will be regarded as wrong and improper and not be allowed in the cyber world.

It is also wrong for people to use high technology to attack government or big company's confidential data storage or computer system or even to disable, for example, the operation of transport, banking, communication, and military order in order to induce social disturbance and chaos.

Social Contract or Utility and Individual Rights This is a stage of law-making in contrast to the Stage 4 which is a stage of law-abiding. In the elaboration of Stage 5, Kohlberg [ 33 ] refers to constitutional democracy and argues that it makes social law more attractive to a rational person because it puts one's basic rights prior to law and society.

Apart from the general basic human rights that are being observed and complied at this stage, the personal data and privacy right are also emphasized. The development of high technology makes the leakage and abuse of personal data a common crime in the cyber world.

The right for personal privacy, the right for an individual to lead a private and less open life should be fully respected and legally protected.

Quotes. What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention, and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it. Functional Behavioral Assessment Mitchell Sample is a fifteen year old male student in the tenth grade at Anytown High School. He lives at home with his parents, Mary and Joseph Sample, three older siblings, all male. Competency Self Assessment Essay - These are the skills and competencies I have learned through my studies at Walden University. Kaslow, Grus, Campbell, & Fouad, et al. () stated professionalism comes from my respect for those who need help.

It is argued that Internet behavior is a kind of social behavior. In fact, Ma et al. Their data involving secondary school students clearly supported the hypothesis. The implication of this study is that the cyber world is not virtual, it is quite real—it is in fact part of our real world.

Educationally speaking, we should place more emphasis on Internet use education because of the prevalence and popularity of Internet use in young people.

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The following behaviors are regarded as antisocial Internet behavior. In a survey of young people of age 10 to 24 on Internet activities, Assessment of Barriers and Recognition of Positive Behaviors Objectives Determine barriers to achieving the health outcome Promote positive behaviors for change to achieve health outcomes Assignment Overview In this assignment, you will assess a client and identify strengths and barriers from the assessment data.

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Functional Behavioral Assessment Mitchell Sample is a fifteen year old male student in the tenth grade at Anytown High School. He lives at home with his parents, Mary and Joseph Sample, three older siblings, all male.

Classroom Assessments Essay example; Classroom Assessments Essay example. Words 10 Pages. ongoing classroom assessment is the glue that binds teaching and learning together and allows with reasonable expectations for the abilities and behavior of the children in my class, then the children will behave properly and be ready for.

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