Death of a salesman illusion vs reality

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Death of a salesman illusion vs reality

Wikipedia vs. Neo-Tech® by Mark Hamilton (Son of the late FRW) In the early Internet days, back in the mids, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales used to to post on our® newsgroup. death of a salesman illusion vs reality misc Throughout Arthur Millers, Death of a Salesman, the Loman family cannot discern between reality and illusion, particularly the father, Willy. This theme is evident throughout the whole of the play and eventually leads to the downfall of the main character, Willy. One of the more common e-mails that I get regards middle class families trying to purchase homes in California. To the point, many look at their budgets and sky high home prices and wonder what is going on. Over the last decade if we look at the data, it is clear that living what people would think is a “middle class” lifestyle in California is nearly impossible for those that are middle.

Is the middle class dream an illusion for Californians? What we can learn from domestic and foreign migration patterns.

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One of the more common e-mails that I get regards middle class families trying to purchase homes in California. To the point, many look at their budgets and sky high home prices and wonder what is going on.

Yet I would also question what they include in this middle class lifestyle i. When we examine certain areas home prices are back to peak levels while household incomes remain stagnant. You have inland regions of California with more affordable housing yet employment sectors that are weak.

Someone sent over a recent study examining migration patterns for the state and the results are very telling. Many Californians have left the state to pursue what they feel are better opportunities. Fewer people from other states are also coming over.

The California balance of migration From the s all the way through the early s, California had a healthy dose of both domestic and foreign migration.

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In the s the balance shifted heavily to foreign migration and has remained the case ever since: MIPR You notice that with the tech boom, domestic migration also increased and many companies were bringing high level talent from abroad.

Today, the net population growth through migration is nearly zero. Californians on the other hand have been migrating out on a net basis: The above examines three states where Californians were moving to.

All have much lower home prices. An interesting point to examine is that both Nevada and Arizona with their busted housing markets are seeing very little migration from Californians today.

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However, Texas is still seeing a good amount of Californians but this number has moved lower. Many are taking their chances elsewhere and it is likely those aspiring to be in the middle class.

Yet home prices are much more expensive in the state. I think what you are seeing is really the bifurcation of the state.

That is, you have a high income subsection fighting for certain cities with no new housing development and a growing number of lower income Californians in areas that are seeing very challenging economic times.

Death of a salesman illusion vs reality

How do you define middle class in California? I think people have it somewhat twisted in terms of what they consider middle class.

In the US, it is very clear. Look at the median household income. But what does that buy you? So what you have is a group of people being strained by housing costs. After all, everything is relative. Psychology studies highlight this phenomenon over and over.

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Illusion Versus Reality in Death of a Salesman - Illusion Versus Reality in Death of a Salesman A major theme and source of conflict throughout Miller's play, Death of a Salesman, is the Loman family's inability to distinguish between reality and illusion.

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