Diffusion of buddhism in china dbq

Late Classical period C. Trade and religious diffusion Major Comparisons and Analyses: Examples Comparisons of the major religious and philosophical systems including some underlying similarities in cementing a social hierarchy, e. Filal piety, ancestor worship, letter from Ban Zhou to daughter Compare the role of women in different belief systems—Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, and Hinduism Understand how and why the collapse of empire was more severe in western Europe than it was in the eastern Mediterranean Byzantium or in China this will be expressed in a CCOT essay.

Diffusion of buddhism in china dbq

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Throughout East Asia, most of the labor force works in a. How was the Great Leap Forward supposed to make China's production greater than the rest of the Western nations? Which of the following is one of the notable achievments of early china? How did the Zhou dynasty come to rule a large part of China?

Describe how each nation's decision to respond to the West affected its domestic and foreign affairs in the years that followed. Both nations didn't accept the China Also, I need to know if China has any speed laws?

However, India has been catching up, with million in mid and growing at 1.Cultural diffusion, or the spread of ideas and customs from one society to another, occurs in a variety of ways including migration, war and trade among diverse societies.

The Silk Road of ancient China is an example of cultural diffusion occurring as a result of trade. Although the route began in. He felt that Buddhism was ultimately enlightening. According to Dun, Buddhism was an opportunity to fix the problems left after the fall of the Han Dynasty.

According to an anonymous Chinese scholar, beliefs systems can coexist but there is a challenge of Confucianism.

This scholar lived towards the end of Buddhism in ancient China. This scholar believed that Buddhism didn’t solve problems in Ancient . Further Spread of Theravada Buddhism. While the Mahayana school of Buddhism spread north, along the Silk Road to China, Korea, Japan and Tibet, the Theravada school lost ground in the early years because the main financial support was for the Mahayana expeditions.

By this time, China was a prosperous and thriving culture, so it would have been easier to praise Buddhism at this time than when it was just introduced or when China was divided. In addition, it mentions Confucianism and Daoism . Mahayama Buddhism is today the dominant form of Buddhism in Nepal, Tibet, China, Japan, Mongolia, Korea, and Vietnam.

Buddhist Expansion Across SouthERN Asia During the time of Ashoka’s reign, trade routes were opened through southern India. Did I choose the correct answer #3 In the mid- to late s, the United States experienced a surge in immigrants from 1)Japan and Cuba.

2)China, Japan, and Mexico. 3)China and Japan ; I chose this one 4)China and Canada.

Diffusion of buddhism in china dbq
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