How to teach writing a feature article

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How to teach writing a feature article

It is subjective and demonstrates either the opinion of the composer or the various opinions of community groups. Unlike newspaper reports and letters to the editor they are not topical - that is, they are not related to current topics of news. Quite often the purpose of a feature article is to entertain rather than to inform.

Tone The tone will vary from feature article to feature article, depending upon the topic of the article as well as the composer. Quite often, feature articles are quite humorous and informal.

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This is so that they appeal to the responder and are easy to read. Elements of a feature article A catchy headline is essential. The use of puns is a particularly popular technique used for feature articles.

Feature articles are often combined with an image or photograph. This photograph needs to catch the responder's attention. This can be humorous, shocking or intriguing. Feature articles can be written in formal or informal language.

Many articles that you will come across will be informal and amusing with entertainment as the main purpose. Hints for writing an effective feature article When composing a feature article be sure to choose a topic that you know a lot about. Remember that feature articles are subjective, it is your opinion that is required.

How you present your feature article is up to you - will it be humorous or serious? If you have the choice, decide upon the tone before you start.

Consider the topic that you have chosen first. If your topic is about how difficult it is to get out of bed, you may choose to write a humorous article. If your topic is to do with the health risks associated with obsessive gaming, then you may choose to write a serious article. Structure The structure of a feature article is really decided by the composer.

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Do not forget, however, that there are a few simple rules that will keep your composition clear and logical. Introduction You should always begin with an introduction that informs the responder as to the subject of the article. This can be done formally or through an anecdote.

Body The body of your article should discuss different opinions or explain your own. Be sure to give examples, and remember that if the tone of your feature article is serious, then use real, empirical evidence rather than anecdotal evidence.

Conclusion You should conclude your feature article with your most startling fact or humorous anecdote. Your final sentence should offer either advice or a warning based on the opinions of your feature article.How To Write a Feature Article Story About Someone can be a valuable skill to add to any author's arsenal.

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Whether you are writing for your own platform or for others, this course will teach you how to write a great feature article that doesn’t just report facts, but that tells a story in your own voice.

Teaching Nonfiction Text Structures S how students what clues they can use to identify the text structure of a piece of nonfiction writing. Students learn how text structures help them anticipate the kind of information that will be presented.

Nonfiction Mentor Texts: Teaching Informational Writing Through Children’s Literature K-8 Lynne R. Dorfman and Rose Cappelli, Stenhouse Chapter 5 “Writing to .

how to teach writing a feature article

Depending on the article format let the conclusion length span between one to three short paragraphs. Make an exception for long format features and essays that can end slowly over many paragraphs.

A conclusion that is too short will leave your reader discontent, while one . May 05,  · Have you ever wondered what a feature article is? Or how you go about writing a great one? Maybe you just need help for an important school assignment or are looking to improve your general writing skills?Reviews: We’ll teach you how to teach your kids to write a good newspaper article plus we give you a printable newspaper article template for the kids to create a great looking project.

First, have the kids find articles to read from a real newspaper.

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