Lancia thesis parking sensors

The Lancia Thesis speaks a new formal language.

The Lancia heritage - The Lambda Dynamic safety One fundamental requirement for good active safety is road behaviour so consistent and predictable that the car can take driver errors in its stride and emerge unscathed from critical situations.

The Lancia range leader also offers an electrically-controlled parking brake for the first time in the world: ESP To ensure greater mastery of the car, the entire Lancia Thesis range is fitted as standard with the sophisticated Electronic Stability Program, a system that cuts in under near-limit conditions when car stability is at risk and helps the driver to control the car.

To achieve this result, the ESP continually monitors tyre grip in both longitudinal and lateral directions.

Lancia thesis parking sensors

If the car skids, it cuts in to restore directionality and ride stability. It uses sensors to detect rotation of the car about its vertical axis yaw speedcar lateral acceleration and the steering wheel angle set by the driver which indicates the chosen direction. It then goes on to compare these data with parameters generated by a computer and establishes - via a complex mathematical model - whether the car is cornering within its grip limits or if the front or rear is about to skid understeer or oversteer.

To restore the correct trajectory, it then generates a yawing movement in the opposite direction to the movement that gave rise to the instability by braking the appropriate wheel interior or exterior individually and reducing engine power via the throttle.

And here lies the specific advantage of the device created for the Lancia Thesis. It acts in a modulated fashion on the brakes to ensure the action is as smooth as possible and the drive is not therefore disturbed. The engine power reduction is contained to ensure outstanding performance and great driving satisfaction at all times.

The ESP is permanently engaged. ASR and MSR The Lancia Thesis is fitted with a very sophisticated automatic traction control device to restrict drive wheel slip in the case of reduced road grip.

The ASR works at any speed and acts on the torque according to the measured grip coefficient. The device computes degree of slip on the basis of wheel rpm calculated by the ABS sensors and activates two different control systems to restore grip: The resulting effect is similar to that of a self-locking differential.

The ASR maintains vehicle safety as much as possible and is particularly useful when grip is lost icy multi-storey car park ramps are one example and whenever the asphalt does not guarantee even friction. Another not inconsiderable advantage of the ASR is the lower stress exerted on mechanical parts such as the differential and gearbox due to more effective control of low speed take-off and traction.

Lancia thesis parking sensors

The ASR comes on automatically whenever the engine is started. To turn off the device, all you have to do is press a switch on the central console. When the ASR is active, a warning light on the control panel flashes.

A control panel warning light comes on with the switch led offto indicate system faults or irregularities. ASR deactivation is required when snow chains are used because the wheel must be able to slip by tiny amounts to pile up the snow so that force can be transmitted to the ground and the ASR tend to avoid this type of action.View and Download Lancia Thesis owner's handbook manual online.

Thesis Automobile pdf manual download. PARKING SENSOR The responsibility for Front sensors can be switched on parking manoeuvres and by pressing button A (fig.

) other dangerous manoeu- placed on the central console in The parking sensor provides dis- vres always rests with. Full PDC sensor. Full PDC sensor. Lancia thesis (type AX) - all models of model years Lancia Delta III (type ) - all models of the model years from Lancia Musa (type ) - all models of the model years | eBay!

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